three. in. one.

as i sit, wondering.

i see clouds drifting

movement at the hands of the father.

white peculiar clouds,

sparked with interest

to know who he may be.

i see a robin bird flap away,

with excitement in his wings,

filled with joy to tell his friends,

all about the king.

i sit back and really wonder,

how anyone could

ever doubt my brother

then i realise my father’s advocate

is more real than any other.

dream reader.

dream reader,

             i have been hushed.

                        and shh’d,



        at times to even say my name.

but you see the stars

      that have dwelled

              in the dark.



title and tagline

I decided to keep my tagline the same, which is one of my favourite quotes. To write what should not be forgotten. I did however change my title, to poetic travelling. a) i’m a poet by nature, and b) i see life as a journey, we’re all travelling on.

who i am. why i’m here.

i am a poet, somewhat of a solo traveller and a writer. for me being able to blog, has allowed me to break down the walls that i put around my poetry and writing, because i was afraid to share with the rest of the world personal feelings. however, creating Pen, Pad and Thoughts allowed me to feel comfortable. because i’m most comfortable with my thoughts, pen&pad. typically, i share my poetry and that will always be the base to my blog, but i love to write thought provoking posts and i want to try my hand at travel writing also. in terms of who i’d like to connect with, i would love to have people who share similar and different opinions, who inspire and encourage my writing and are never short of advise, but most of individuals who are willing to go against the norm. for me, if i blog successfully, i would love to accomplish breaking my records of likes for one post. it’s the small things that matter to me.

p.s. today i felt like writing in lower case, it was intentional.

cc: nikkitarobert.

confessions of a lost dreamer.

I am still waiting for the day.. 

my nightmares get trapped in the pothole where the, 

devil tried to bury my dreams. 


some nights, most nights..

when my mind wants to sleep, 

but my thoughts want to tell me something. 


you arrive. 

the shadow whose figure I’ve been tryna figure out. 

the echo that never reaches close enough, for me to hear your voice. 


some nights, most nights..

I am afraid to dream. 

instilled with fear that the dream catcher, is no longer on shift.


some nights, most nights.. 

I have to remind myself,

that I am a lost dreamer. 

and these, 

well these are my confessions. 


but then, there are nights..

to dream is all I can but do.


- nikkitarobert.





 a tree’s view in Millennium Park.


You made me nervous to come see you. 

Yeah, it’s true.. I heard all about you. 

I heard about your streets, shootings and strife.. 

I heard about the ones your streets took before their time. 

I allowed myself to fall victim to gossip, and cast you as a stereotype. 

But, who.. would have predicted? 

I would fall hard for you. 

Like, deep rooted love for you. 

Paint me as a mural, to declare my undying love for you. 

Hang it tall, make me a miniature Picasso on the wall. 


You knew I’d fall in love before you got the chance to greet me. 

Made me feel at home, now my memories won’t ever leave me. 

But you, 

Made me find peace, and I left you a piece of me. 

In the steps that I took, in the snaps that I captured. 

In the heart that’s still healing, from the sensation of leaving. 



Chi, long after I’m gone.. I’ll still be loving you.

The Quartet of Radiance Award

A huge thank you and appreciation to Chloe at Chloe Mayward who has presented me with the amazing Quartet of Radiance Award! I could hardly hide my excitement when I saw the notification come through. It is an amazing feeling to know that someone takes the time out to look at your blog, so it continues to motivate me!

The award is also a 4 in 1, consisting of: The Influential Blogger Award, The Awesome Blog Content Award, The Inner Peace Award and The Sunshine Award. Pretty awesome!!!



Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award

2) Describe yourself using the alphabet

3) Pass the award to others

4) Notify the nominees

5) Have the biggest smile for the rest of the day!


Describing yourself through the A-Z is actually a cool idea, so here goes:

A – Avocados: I love them.

B – Bookworm: I love to read, one of my favourite pastimes.

C – Chatterbox: I could actually talk for Britain, if you’d let me.

D – Daring: I attempt to take risk, turns out it’s really fulfilling.

E – Ebullient: I try to never leave out without a smile!

F – Formula 1: one of my many passions, and one half of the reason why I love Sundays!

G – God: whom I love and trust most.

H – Honest: I pride myself and strive to be honest, always.

I – Intriguing: or so I try to be. (Haha.)

J – Just me: I’ve accepted that embracing who you are, is the first step at loving and enjoying life! “Love the skin you’re in.”

K – Kind: speaks for itself really. Helping others comes naturally.

L – Lewis Hamilton: my crush, since forever! and the other half of the reason why I love Sundays!

M – Magazines: I love them, aiming to reach the industry one day, and write for one!

N – Natural: I’ve committed to a journey of natural hair, and I cannot wait to see the results.

O – Observant: I’ve learnt a lot in life, through the art of observing..

P – Poetry: there is something amazing about the gift of words, I love poetry in all forms.

Q – Quotes: huge hoarder when it comes to collecting quotes.

R – Rhythm and Blues, how I love thee. Potentially, my favourite style of music.

S – Sister: the role, I’m eternally grateful for. I couldn’t picture myself, not being one. Especially the oldest. Ha ha.

T – Traveller: the bug has hit, and bitten me! I can’t wait to explore the beauty of the World. Chicago, you’re up next!

U – Untidy: you would not like to see my room.

V – Versatile: I’ve had to adapt to so many different situations in life, so yeah.

W – Writing: without the freedom to write, I wouldn’t know what to do.

X – Xtra-Ordinary: I have a variety of weird interests and hobbies..

Y – Young: I shall remain that always. In mind, body and spirit.

Z – Zaftig: embracing my full and curvy figure, daily!


The blogs I nominate for this award, are each amazing in their own right and I particularly enjoy them. They are:

Cleveland at

Eleanor at


InfiniteZip at



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Tomorrow’s Vision.

Can you hear me down there?

Can you hear me down there?

Now that all is quiet, 

            even though your hearts are still


I am at peace. And I am sorry. 

   I don’t think it’s allowed if I tell 

you, I sent the bees. 

        On both of those occasions. 

But I can say I miss you all, 

          and my single old sofa. 

Know I am here, guiding you always. 

   Shed no tears, for me anymore. 

the world’s forever yours, 

                     go on and explore. 

Know that I love you, 

     And sorry I had to leave you. 

But you make great entertainment and 

     as always, I love watching you. 




NaPoWriMo 20: Write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. 

Family member: I chose my Papa. <3

Unequal Bittersweet


       is the glass ceiling that appears above. 

                to block us, tame us.

but still allows the sun to shine over us. 


       is the girl with three brothers, 

              coming second best to her parents. 


         is the field; known as work.

                and the males who get paid more than us.


       is the world, we’ll bring our daughters into. 


    Sojourner Truth, Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst,

           Millicent Fawcett and all those who came before us.


     is what we continue to fight for. 


NaPoWriMo 19: Pick a name of a seashell, and name your poem after it. 

Seashell: Unequal Bittersweet.